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Bicycle Cards!

Gycklaren Magic Marketing AB is the leading supplier of props and accessories for magic performers and magic enthusiasts. Magician loves playing cards of high quality. We offer a large assortment of ordinary playing cards, not only to magicians but to everyone who is interested in playing cards. supply premium brands of playing cards like Bicycle, Bee Club och Tally Ho from United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC). You will also find cool designer decks produced by USPCC. It is easy to order, we offer safe payment options and speedy delivery all over the world. If you are interested in playing cards, stay on this site. If you are interested in magic, please make a visit to the Magic Shop!

Gay Ljungberg

New products!

High Victorian Playing Cards - red
THE WORLD'S MOST SOPHISTICATED PLAYING CARDS SHIELDED IN GOLD AND RED FOIL High Victorian Playing Cards were inspired by the intricate, breathtaking style of the Victorian era.
155 kr Buy
Ann Stokes Unicorns
The fantasy art of Anne Stokes features striking designs and lifelike portrayals of fantasy subjects. Her art covers a broad range of themes, from the romantic and magical enchanted Forest, to...
80 kr Buy
Bicycle Vintage
Looking like they were waiting in a drawer for a century, waiting to be found again and used, Bicycle Vintage Classic Playing Cards are striking indeed!  During the years alone, the tuck case...
95 kr Buy
Monarchs Deck, blue
We didn't set out to raise the bar for quality playing cards. Our goal was to make playing cards fit for a king. The world's finest. The best.  Featured #1 in the GQ Holiday Gift Guide.
155 kr Buy

Bicycle Dragon
Dragons are among the most popular and enduring of the world's mythological creatures and are part of tales in many cultures from Europe to China. The dragon can be a symbol of power, strength, and...
125 kr Buy
Bicycle Aureo
In the early 1500s Leonardo Da Vinci illustrated "La Divina" (The Divine Proportion) a book written by mathematician Luca Pacioli that described a mathematical theory called "The Golden Ratio" which...
125 kr Buy
Electric Deck Niagara, Bicycle
The magician shows a deck of cards and begins to make fans. After he stretches the card on his arm, tosses in the air and grab them back. He ends his performance by running some "falls" with the...
225 kr Buy
Bicycle Colour, Yellow
We are proud to offer you the Bicycle deck yellow back. Our company has the WORLD EXCLUSIVE of this deck with USPC (the most famous card factory in the world).
125 kr Buy

Best sellers!

Bicycle Poker, box of 12
Bicycle are the worlds most popular playing cards for magic. They are manufactured by US Playing Cards Co, Inc.N.B. A box of 6 blue backed and 6 red backed decks is discounted.
420 kr Buy
Bicycle Poker - Supreme line set of 2
Set of 1 red and 1 blue backed deck. These superior quality decks are by all means Rider Backs, but with magicians and cardists in mind they have been greatly improved.
100 kr Buy
Bicycle Poker Rider Back 807, red
This deck resembles our Standard Deck in every way but the tuck, which features a classic tuck design. Magicians and fans of the old tuck are particularly fond of this deck.
50 kr Buy

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